Parce que, we do not enjoy false propaganda.

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Ramon Bauer wrote:

> -> COH: MEGO 055_Mask Of Birth (CD)
> CD re-release of one of the first works from Ivan Pavlov aka COH,
> recorded in 1997 and 1998. Originally released (and now out of print)

  Being printed in less than 1000 copies due to manufacturing problem,
  and probably about half given for promotional purposes and shoved in the
  hands of scene 'friends,' and the rest being sold to distributors--
  which does not mean that the LPs are actually sold_.

> as a vinyl only album on Raster Noton in 1999, as part of their Static
> Series.

  Who also simply used Ivan to further Carsten Nicolai's career, as
  "Russian Avantgarde" is a fascination for a selected layer of
  western idiots.

> Remastered in sparkling digital quality

  There is no such thing as 'digital quality' when it comes to
  digital recordings, unless what one scribbles is entirely flat.

> and featuring 2 tasty bonus tracks recorded around the same time
> ("Komputer Trilogik f�r Or" & "Waltz Nuevo No. 1").

  Ie, a pathetic attempt at reinforcing something which does not exist
  as  acontinuation of a personal self-delusional paranoiac delirium.

> Born in Russia, Ivan Pavlov lives and works in Sweden.

  In other words, Ivan enjoys the charms of Swedish  / Western
  salary, living condition, and artist support system in a consummatory
  manner without willing to give back and trashing the country who
  hosts him--in a typical russian imperialist / nationalistic manner.

> However, his cultural roots are in his mother country,

  Actually Ivan has no more 'roots' as those were destroyed in a
  'working' he was involved in as my subject b/n 1999-2001, as he
  self-destructed in an attempt to 'prove me' wrong.

> and he seems to be more a

  Pretentious twit, fraud, and opportunist who wouldn't make it
  as a low-level musician in Russia actually--but he enjoys flaunting his
  'Russianness* to con people.

> rapport to the Russian avant-garde rather than to the Western rock-pop
> tradition.

  Which implicates that 'western tradition' is about 'rock' and 'pop'
  which indicates Ivan's utter unfamiliarity with actual western tradition
  or rock and pop for that matter. Rock and Pop exist as much in the east
  as they do in the west. If one has the ability to see.

> As a qualified acoustic researcher

  Which is a complete and blatant lie--ivan was studying for a Ph. D.
  in physics in SWEDEN (notice: Not Russia), and while his thesis-to-be
  of which he personally gave me a copy is related to noise reduction in
  industrial living spaces, it has got nothing to do with sound acoustics
  as pertaining to music--nor is he in any manner qualified as such.
  Furthermore, he did not finish his Ph.D--ie again--he's not 'qualified'
  as he dropped out of the University program upon my very strong
  recommendation for him to do so.

> he is involved in developing different possibilities for soundsynthesis,

  Again--a complete lie. Ivan is fairly lazy, and spends a few hours
  every weekend working on his 'music' in a singular sound program
  which I shall not disclose. He has no familiarity with any other
  software than this one, nor synthesizers, nor methods for synthesizing
  sounds (nor Russian avant-garde art for that matter).

> yet he has a way to compose single tones to an ensemble which provides
> both lyrical and comic associations.

  Also known as 'I'm just fucking around in this software, and I think
  it's really funny that the world is so stupid to buy my crap.' Which
  by the way seems to be the working-motto of MEGO as a whole.

> 'Mask Of Birth' is largely inspired by the late 70-es/early 80ies dance
> music: as stated on the cover, it is "new disco for the new human".

  Ie, read 'a rip off'.

  At this point, Mr. Ivan is little but a lifeless korpse with no energy
  of his own, nor any ability to create anything besides continuous
  ripping off of actual / real artists.

  Release, purchase, and consummation of his 'tasty' tracks is likely
  to result in little but psychik damage to users. The person is