LOL, indeed... I am quite sure I have not reached the level of popularity where certain aspects of my life would become a subject to public discussion.. However, a few friends wrote in asking me about the content and the nature of the post and, even though I am not participating in any of the forums, I decided to post my, hm.. fairly extensive, comments..

-IID42 Kandinskij @27+ wrote:

Parce que, we do not enjoy false propaganda.

This statement is a key to everything that follows.

Being printed in less than 1000 copies due to manufacturing problem,
 and probably about half given for promotional purposes and shoved in the
 hands of scene 'friends,' and the rest being sold to distributors--
 which does not mean that the LPs are actually sold_.

Such information I have no access to. It must be coming from hacked raster-noton X files or something.. Personally, I am not aware of any manufacturing problems, neither do I know how many copies have been given out. I remember being properly paid by raster-noton and the payment was based on the aforementioned number of copies.. Generally, I do not think record labels practice giving away their releases, particularly as the manufacture usually costs money.

There is no such thing as 'digital quality' when it comes to
 digital recordings, unless what one scribbles is entirely flat.

That statement is bold and obvious, yet meaningless since it is taking the subject out of the context. The digital recording in question was originally released on vinyl, an essentially analogue medium which has certain limitations where stereo image is concerned. The mastering was done very professionally, yet the final result was a compromise in terms of sound, still. Hence my decision to release Mask Of Birth on CD.

Born in Russia, Ivan Pavlov lives and works in Sweden.

 In other words, Ivan enjoys the charms of Swedish  / Western
 salary, living condition, and artist support system in a consummatory
 manner without willing to give back and trashing the country who
 hosts him--in a typical russian imperialist / nationalistic manner.

Indeed, I do enjoy some obvious charms and freedoms of the Western lifestyle. Especially the freedom to travel. As for the "artist support system", the notion is incorrect - the Swedish system would not support me since I am a Russian citizen, the Russian system would not support me since I live in Sweden. I can not get an "artist in residence" support either, since I am permanently resident and have a job in Sweden... [neither am I an artist, nor am I interested in being supported altogether].

Where the "giving back" to Sweden is concerned...  yo, I am a disciplined tax-payer! :)

Okay, in musical terms.. To defend my relationship with "the host" (!) -  I have been involved into organizing and running a club/society here in Stockholm (called The Nursery) to encourage and support experimental music, hm.. whenever I am invited to perform here I play for free.. mm, I am in good contact with the local artists and we occasionally work together. Generally, I am not sure what qualifies for being a "Russian imperialist" these days. :)

Actually Ivan has no more 'roots' as those were destroyed in a
 'working' he was involved in as my subject b/n 1999-2001,
"a working", "my subject"... hm.. (I can not believe the subject line is "LOL#24"!)

Okay, I think this must be explained. I have, indeed, taken the author's graphic work to accompany my sound pieces on a couple of occasions. For this work I had paid the author half of my share, which I find  fair. Unfortunately, I had the mistake of inviting the author to make cover art for two albums, one of them being a COH record. The author had procrastinated both works for about one year each and the final result was below any expectations: i.e. I found both works terribly lacking in connection with the music as well as generally inconsistent and uninteresting. Therefore I took the decision to reject them both.. might have to do something with my "imperialistic roots", I reckon!
As a qualified acoustic researcher

 Which is a complete and blatant lie--ivan was studying for a Ph. D.
 in physics in SWEDEN (notice: Not Russia), and while his thesis-to-be
 of which he personally gave me a copy is related to noise reduction in
 industrial living spaces, it has got nothing to do with sound acoustics
 as pertaining to music--nor is he in any manner qualified as such.

I understand that one's qualification can be seen from different angles. I have studied acoustics and sound propagation for 15 years, of which 9 years in Russia. I quit working in science a couple of years ago, having completed a Licentiate degree (which is about half way to Ph.D.) Published copies of my Lic thesis I had, indeed, given/sent to a number of people I know.. for fun, really. The work is largely theoretical and quite simple as it deals with a classical problem of diffraction of a spherical wave against half-plane with varying edge profile.. Which can have potential applications in screening of traffic noise. In Russia I have been working with substantially different and way more interesting subjects and was invited to Sweden as a "qualified acoustic researcher" to participate in one of the projects here.

Furthermore, he did not finish his Ph.D--ie again--he's not 'qualified'
 as he dropped out of the University program upon my very strong
 recommendation for him to do so.

This statement is nonsense in its purest form, the author seems overwhelmed with self-importance.

Again--a complete lie. Ivan is fairly lazy, and spends a few hours
 every weekend working on his 'music' in a singular sound program
 which I shall not disclose. He has no familiarity with any other
 software than this one, nor synthesizers, nor methods for synthesizing
 sounds (nor Russian avant-garde art for that matter).

I have no problem with being lazy, as long as I can afford being that. I make music when I have the time and the urge. My selection of software is currently limited to three different pieces. I am using a Pentium 100 PC. I am familiar with Sound Synthesis to the extent where I can say that the area is far larger that what relates to computer software. I can not say I am an expert in Russian avant-garde. Again, how many can? Taken that the large part of the collection is still stored in the backrooms of the Russian Art Museum in St. Petersburg..

Also known as 'I'm just fucking around in this software, and I think
 it's really funny that the world is so stupid to buy my crap.' Which
 by the way seems to be the working-motto of MEGO as a whole.

I do find it exciting that there is people interested in what I do. I have been making music with computer since about 1991 and never thought anyone would bother.. It was a big surprise when people showed interest, indeed. I do not think of my audience as stupid. Somehow, I do not think of my audience at all. Unlike in public forums, in music, when one begins to think of how people will listen to what one does - it is the end. Or so I believe.

As for MEGO, I believe anyone who is familiar with their output knows how diverse is their catalogue and that they are far from being concentrated specifically on computer music.

'Mask Of Birth' is largely inspired by the late 70-es/early 80ies dance
music: as stated on the cover, it is "new disco for the new human".

 Ie, read 'a rip off'.

The record is not inspired by the sound, but by the attitude. I also believe, when one operates with words like "rip-off", references to specific sources that had been ripped off must be provided.

 At this point, Mr. Ivan is little but a lifeless korpse with no energy
 of his own, nor any ability to create anything besides continuous
 ripping off of actual / real artists.

The author being 8-9 years younger than myself (and a female!), it is quite possible and even likely that my energy levels seem low from the heights of hers. As for ripping off of "actual/real" artists, without specific references the notion makes no sense, again.

Release, purchase, and consummation of his 'tasty' tracks is likely
 to result in little but psychik damage to users. The person is

According to the author, "the person" i.e. myself got "broken" through being "a subject" at "a working" together with her "b/n" 1999-2000. Mask Of Birth had been recorded back in 1997-98, prior to any contact with the author, which means it is quite safe in terms of "psychik damage to users"! :)

Pretentious twit, fraud, and opportunist who wouldn't make it
 as a low-level musician in Russia actually--but he enjoys flaunting his
 'Russianness* to con people.

Equipped with this sentence and a good American lawyer, I could have probably squeezed out some alchemical gold from the base matter of the whole message! :)

Low-level... Music is my hobby and I want it to be that way, even though I could be doing it differently. I am Russian, which I have no problem with. Maybe we have different understanding of our cultural background? The author, Biliana Dimitrova (aka D42, 27+, cjii iBatzu, Morbid Darkness etc) comes from Bulgary. A few years ago she managed to "smuggle" herself into the US through a "fake" marriage to an American citizen and, according to herself,  refuses to speak her native tongue at the Bulgarian embassy and to her mother.. ("roots"!). I can understand that compared to this, my way of being can be seen as "flaunting my Russianness".

As for being a "pretentious twit" - if I wanted to be pretentious, I would have been serving ignorance as expertise at public forums and I would be signing my messages as "B-52 Malevich" or something similar.. (By the way, what's "twit"? Is it "twat with a wit"?)

In all cases, the author is likely to spread more of the made-up nonsense in attempt to attract more attention to her deliriously witty self. I sincerely hope her posts remain as entertaining in that yellow paper sense.. although the subject line should probably be changed to something else. How about "breaking news from"? :D

I consider having made myself clear and will not participate any further in any of the discussion.

ivan /COH