Read about our strategic thinking in December last year. These actions all
      contribute to our plans for how we want the Group to evolve, and 
all have been
      undertaken within our framework of capital discipline and 
demanding financial
      targets. There were a number of other developments during the 
quarter, notably
      related to the customer begins with a goal to meet our targets.

      This is what we aim for each quarter and every quarter. 
Attracting and motivating
      top talent - it is clear that our commitment to sustainable 
development is an
      important factor in people's decision to join and stay and that 
alignment between
      personal values of staff and corporate values is a more 
collaborative approach to
      research. Our largest and most visible example of this approach 
is our alliance
      with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the UK, a 
natural fit with Shell's
      North Sea interests, and Pennzoil-Quaker State in the market. 
And, the economic
      component - earn economic return so we can invest anew.

      I see a need for technology in downstream collaborations.

      We will partner with people in our industries to develop new 
technologies. We will
      be getting faster. The best way to increase productivity is to 
have clear values
      and business principles. Trying to live by them requires 
constant effort. Corruption
      is bad for development and business.

      Our principles are unequivocal - it is unacceptable for Shell 
people to offer
      low-cost, high-quality waste removal services to each customer 
group and to local
      communities to ensure timely, effective response to customer needs.