Have you wanted to sense that instant when the golf club makes perfect contact with the ball and travels straight at  your target? Well, now you can with a four-step system that will help you replicate a perfect swing time and again.

Unlike other systems, this is the only technology that allow you to see yourself in real time as you step inside the body of a computer-engineered 3-dimensional model. Using this technology and combining it with proven teaching concepts developed by one of the best instructors in the game, the Virtually Perfect Golf system will give you solid fundamentals that will stay with you on the golf course.

As a Virtually Perfect Golf Member you will be able to book lessons at any one of our clinics. At the clinic you will wear light and comfortable virtual reality glasses that  will let you watch yourself on live video as you step right into a 3D model. Aided by a professional instructor, you will follow the model's motions as it leads you through a series of lessons and drills designed to build the virtually perfect golf swing.

Whether you're just learning the game or you're an experienced player looking to fix your swing, the Virtually Perfect Golf system will not only help lower your score, it will add consistency, confidence and enjoyment to your game. We guarantee it.