Ladies and Gentlemen,

OMAN - The Independent Artist 

is going on tour: from travellab Berlin to HISK Antwerp to TU Eindhoven and via KHM Cologne back to Berlin (September 24-26).

As artist and robot OMAN turns the situation upside down: instead having people expecting him to do something for them, he expects people to do something for him. Egg-shaped OMAN cannot move by himself, he has to talk people into helping him along. He calls cabs, sleeps in hotels and pays with his card. He speaks English, sings and djs. OMAN asks questions and sometimes he provokes: six mood functions (happy/sad, love/hate, fear/interest) challenge his interlocutor, the great entertainer is permanently >in the mood<.

OMAN - The Tour

Tuesday, September 24 at 9 am OMAN starts at Berlin Alexanderplatz. With a van and some friends he gets on the Autobahn and visits gas stations on his way to the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten (HISK - Higher Institute for the Fine Arts), Antwerp. He checks in at the hotel and does a lecture show at 8 pm at Blow Up, Kloosterstraat 62. 
The next morning OMAN continues his journey to the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, where in the evening he takes part at the opening talkshow of Man Machine Festival. Thursday OMAN will visit the Kunsthochschule fuer Medien (KHM - Academy for Mediaarts) in Cologne and then go back to travellab, Zionskirchplatz, Berlin, where he is expected at 6 pm.

You can see OMAN's excursion in his own view. Every minute he sends a new picture to through GPRS. More information on OMAN is provided at

OMAN wishes to thank his friends

Francis Wittenberger (Israel / Europe): project coordinator
Birgit Schoene (Germany): egg model and costumes
Boris Svirsky (Israel): artistic director
Clark Nova (Germany): voice
Katja Gruetering (Germany): funding and public relations 
Manuel Bonik (Germany): conceptual debugging, texts, voice
Michael Mikina (Austria): texts, media concept, artistic research relations
Peter Ravil (Australia): web programming
Raimo Ihle (Germany): audio-visual online kernel programming
Soern Raagard (Denmark): sounds
Sukandar Kartadinata (Germany / Indonesia): hardware/hardware programming

OMAN is sponsored by (Germany): webspace
bit-side GmbH (Germany): programming 
Chiang Mai University Art Museum (Thailand): 
Chiang Mai TV Co. Ltd (Thailand): finances (Austria): SSL
e-plus GmbH (Germany): GPRS communication
Girder (The Netherlands): automation software
Kunstpunkt Berlin (Germany): hosting
paybox AG (Germany): online banking
q-bik (Germany): construction
q-bus (Germany): hardware, shipping & production
Schoene (Germany): fashion & design
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Studium Generale

A project by Francis Wittenberger and Boris Svirsky in collaboration with and friends

t.ballevart <>