[disneyNASAborg],Duane Paul,and Rojelio Mendoza.
October 10th, 2002__6-11pm.
394 Broadway, 6th flr.
RSVP. 212.340.1892

Press Release -
"FUSION"nyc_Fusion. Featuring 3 unique artists ranging from
painting,installations and sculpture.

[disneyNASAborg] is transcending the boundaries dividing new media and the
more traditional forms of art, such as
painting and installation. While learning to create projects with the new
tools for digital art, like 3-d animation software,
digital video NLE [non-linear editing] software, image manipulation
software, and web development /authoring tools. He
became impassioned to assimilate the techniques, ways of working, and
aesthetics of new media and bring these
inspirations back into the realm of the physical.

For instance, the artist rejects the finite background, the non-transparent
background and the merged layers to form 2-d
art object. [dNASAb] creates series' of clear plastic paintings meant to be
juxtaposed with other transparent painted
layers. He works in the infinite number of layers between the viewer and the
boundaries of the work. The backgrounds
then become the SITE itself, inflatable voluminous lit 3-d shapes, and/or
video projected textures; in a similar method
to adding video skins on a 3-d object in 3-d software. And the clear panels
are directly analogous to the ability to layer
100's of clear layers upon each other in image manipulation software, like
Photoshop. By integrating LCD screens,
projections onto translucent portions of paintings, textures on 3-d
inflatable objects, and moving 'sampled' video
projection backgrounds, the composition then becomes congruent to the
futuristic abstractions that one would only
expect in a virtual space.

Duane Paul
Fusing symbolism and sexuality, Mr. Paul's visual language utilizes the
repetition of decorative devices, which at first
glance resemble floral forms. His forms are subverted into abstract
illustrations of sensual interactions. The floral form
acts as the device that pulls the viewer into the painting or wall
assemblages/installations to examine what seems
familiar. The viewer is then confronted or rather surprised once the
realities of the shapes take hold.
His current interests center on the nexus of public/private spaces and
sexual desire. What space do public rooms
occupy in gender identity and sexual fantasy? Employing his sensual
decorative forms as aesthetic objects in such
spaces, he seeks to amplify these feelings by bringing out their opposing
meanings. Along with painting and drawing,
utilizing my developed system of installation of relief sculptures he calls
"Penis /Anus Flowers." These are sculpted
and cast three-dimensional plaster shapes derived from his paintings and
drawing. In their three-dimensional form the
"Penis/Anus Flowers" are extreme aggressive concentrations of the
two-dimensional forms. The forms become that
more playful, that more decorative, that more surreal.
Mr. Paul's mission is to populate his shapes into cultural icons symbolizing
the ambiguity of sexuality, highlighting our
chance existence as male/female, homosexual/heterosexual, black/white.

Rogelio Mendoza
Rogelio Mendoza is a fine artist of German/Mexican decent. He is a
self-taught painter who believes in transforming
natural phenomena into another reality. The interpretation of his work has
nothing to do with what he created. It takes
on its own meaning based solely on the viewers eye.
Time, space and action are concepts that are forever framed within the
physical confines of his canvas. They can be
looked at as frames of memories so personal yet so universal that anyone can
take part.
Literal interpretation seems to be the norm when viewing art. Rogelio's work
defies this opportunity by allowing
everyone to draw their own conclusion. The figures stretch the confines of
their physical beings into something that is
only understood by the viewer.

http://WWW.TC43.COM [physical works]