Simply put... this program is designed to make money via the
power of the Internet quickly and honestly! It's cheap and easy
to set up, there is no way anyone can cheat, it is NOT some
hare-brained pyramid scheme or illegal chain-letter... and it is
definitely not for those who wont put in at least a little bit of
time, effort and patience in order to make it work.

Although this system does resemble some of the other programs
you may have come across before, this one is really quite new
on the scene and has already proven itself to be extremely effective.
I have found it to be a truly EXCITING program, with many people
now using it, and with so many more still to see it!! It is not the
same as other programs that (only at first) may seem to be similar.
It is quickly becoming one of the more popular methods of
generating income FAST. This program has been designed to
avoid ALL of the traps and ALL of the cheats. It is also a lot of
fun, with nothing to lose! I myself have been using this system
for almost 2 weeks now... 

... and believe me, the results so far have been AMAZING!! :)


All you have to do is advertise and send out as many of these
e-mails as you can, then people send you money in the mail for
the information that you e-mail back to them (which I will supply
to you if you decide to participate)... what could simpler than that?
Then, as if that wasnt enough... these people who paid you begin
using this information to send out as many emails as THEY can.
Not only will they begin receiving money in the mail for the
information that they sell, but you too will begin receiving money from
all of the people that THEY recruit. (This ontop of what you receive
from your own efforts!) This process is then repeated with each round
of people who decide to join in, over and over again down the
levels until you reach your ultimate financial goal!

This program is an extremely well designed and highly effective
MLM 'matrix-style' system. The nice thing about it is that you
can re-enter as many times as you wish to help build up your
income streams whilst helping many others build their own personal
fortunes too!

Once a day, I make a ten minute drive to my P.O. Box knowing
that there will be at least a few hundred dollars in US$5.00
bills waiting for me. But you know what the best part is?


You can even PROVE to yourself that it is both real and safe
BEFORE you decide to participate! Show me a program that
is both as transparent and reliable as this one and I will join
it at the drop of a hat! After many disappointments in the past
with other cash-based programs I really felt that it was about
time a program like this one had came into existence :)

Please read this complete document to be sure that you fully
understand it. Take the time to read it again and again if you
have to. E-mail me with any questions if you remain unsure of
anything, especially in regards on how to get the most out of
the program. You may even wish to email me in regards to
ways of dramatically improving the methods, tools and
processes used. Should you decide to run it, by following
my instructions carefully, you will be more than delighted with
the results!


PHASE 1 BEGINS - Prepare to be impressed!

This program is very powerful - a real money generator on the
World Wide Web! No other program comes close when you need
money quickly and honestly. You are guaranteed financial
success with this opportunity because of the method used to
CONFIRM the HONESTY of each participant.

However, when most of us first look at this program, we may
think it's just another "get rich quick" scheme. But it isn't -
by reading the details you will see that it is quite different.
And only about a week after starting, your inbox will be
overwhelmed with responses. A few weeks later, money will start
rolling in quickly - from all over the world!

This is a FAIL-SAFE money making program where all cash receipts
are verifiable in advance, because every participant is held
ACCOUNTABLE, every participant gets paid well and every participant
is sure that nobody can cheat. That is why I chose to participate.
I invite you to do likewise. I mean honestly, being fail-safe and
cheat-proof, what have we got to lose? The power of the Internet
is here to be used. More and more people are using this program
to produce a substantial income quickly.

Expect to earn up to US$40,000 in the next 6 weeks (MAXIMUM TIME).

We all know that Internet money programs can really work, but most
of us have major concerns about them:

1. They are too complex, often requiring large investments.
2. They require real Internet marketing experience.
3. There is usually no way of monitoring returns.
4. There is no way of eliminating cheaters.

This program solves all of those concerns!

It is, believe it or not, 100% certain that everyone will get
paid for participating. This is because we require accountable
e-mail addresses for all participants. The total cost to you
is two US$5.00 Bills, plus postage for just two letters. (Not a
lot, no matter what your present circumstances may be.) But you
spend nothing at all, until you gain e-mail confirmation that
the sender of this letter has paid! This fail-safe mechanism
controls the program, so it's impossible for anyone to cheat.
This way nobody gets hurt and everyone gets paid. All participants
make the money they deserve for their efforts. Read on and you
will see why...

The method of accountability used keeps everyone honest. We all
get our money by building an easy and valuable MAILING LIST. Too
many programs (before this one) have no fail-safe method for
protecting the honest participants from those who put their names
on a list without sending any money. That is what causes such
programs to ultimately fail and fall apart, even though some
people up the top may have done quite well already. With this
program, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE FOR SUCH CHEATING

If you decide to participate, you will be required to send US$5.00
(US currency) to just two of the people on the list shown below,
with a note asking them to add your name on to their mailing list.
This will be your ONLY out-of-pocket expense! More about this
shortly -- First take the time to SAVE this letter to a file so
that you can edit the prescribed areas later if you do decide to
join in.

Check the honesty first...

The very first step is to e-mail the two people in Position #1
and Position #2 from the current Accountability List below, and
ask them if they received their US$5.00 from me. This is what MAKES
CERTAIN the success of this program. I'm sure that you would not
want to send any money to me until you KNEW that I had paid the
people in Positions #1 and #2, right?. These people are not receiving
anything in return for your US$5.00... their details only exist
in this letter at this stage in the program for the sole purpose
of confirming that this program is for REAL, and that people,
like themselves, ARE making money from it. Once you understand
how the 4 positions in this program work then you will also begin
to see just how effective this method is to safely guarantee it's
ongoing success!

Mark Koetting
2110 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Email: mkoett@yahoo.com

Marion McFadden
PO Box 2282
NSW 2323
Email: marmcf48@yahoo.com.au
(I would prefer $10.00 Australian which is roughly the same value
as $5.00 American)

*The above are the two people I sent my US$5.00 to, with a note
asking them to add me to their mailing lists.

After you have verified from these people that I am genuine and
decide to participate in this amazing program, simply begin by
addressing an envelope to the person currently in Position #3
(me), wrap a US$5.00 bill (US Currency) in a note saying "Please
add my name to your Mailing List and rush Phase 2 to me by e-mail",
and include your name, address, and e-mail address on this note.
You may also wish to slip in an envelope-sized piece of black or
dark paper with the wrapped US$5.00 bill in order to ensure its
safe delivery through all the usual postal services.

NOTE: Only the person in Position #3 (me) supplies Phase #2, NEVER
any other person.

Tristan Bertlow
PO Box 61
VIC 3192
Email: tbertlow_23@hotmail.com


Address an envelope to the person in Position #4; wrap a US$5.00
bill in a note that states "please add me to your mailing list"
and include your name, address and e-mail address. Once again,
you may also wish to slip in an envelope-sized piece of black or
dark paper with the wrapped US$5.00 bill in order to ensure its
safe delivery through all the usual postal services.

Once you have sent your two US$5.00 bill to the people in Positions
#3 and #4 you should then send an email to the person in Position
#3 (me) and notify me that you have sent your envelopes and that
these will be arriving shortly. This will allow me to spend the time to
prepare Phase 2 which i will send to you on the same day when I 
receive your US$5.00. It is this information that you will use to set
up your business and it is this information that you will be providing
all new people that you recruit to build your downline.

David Peters
80 Allandale
Hemel Hempstead
Email: megadosh@hotmail.com


 Move the person currently in POSITION #4 to POSITION #2.
 Be sure all information is copied correctly and completely. (The
  person originally in Position #2 is now dropped from the list.)
 Move the person in POSITION #1 to POSITION #4 with all the 
  correct information.
 Move the person in POSITION #3 to POSITION #1 with all the
  correct information.
 Enter YOUR name, complete address, and e-mail address into
 Provide your name and e-mail address near the end of this letter
 Check that the disclaimer at the very end of this letter also
  includes your email address

Remember: you only send the US$5.00 to the names in POSITIONS #3
and #4 on this letter. NEVER to anyone else.



NOTE: When typing your e-mail address, please remember to be accurate.


Once you start, there are two simple things you must do to make
this work for the maximum return in 30-45 days.

1. In Phase 2, you will e-mail wherever you can and, if you
really want to bring in the money, advertise. I have everything
you need to advertise such as samples, tips, and lots of links
to free classified advertising on the Internet. When you are added
to my mailing list, I will send this to you if you need further
help from there, just ask me. Remember, you cannot expect to get
something from nothing when it comes to making money on the
Internet, and you definitely will not receive the financial
success that is possible with this program if you do not at least
put a little bit of time and effort into it. Believe me, it is a
lot easier than you think.

2. BE PATIENT at the start! It could take you easily a week or so
to really set this program up properly on your computer and then
get up and going. It could also take easily a week or so to start
receiving lots of replies in your e-mail. BUT THEY WILL COME!
This is the Internet remember? The money WILL start coming in
too! DONT PANIC! This is a very easy program to set up and I can
show you how if you find any difficulty at all.

A FEW WEEKS, and you will also have a mailing list service to use
yourself, or even to sell. That, in itself, can be valuable.

INEXPENSIVE to participate in. Compare it to the value of lottery
tickets - where making money is next to impossible! There are no
postage expenses, other than the two stamps needed to mail your
two US$5.00 bills. If any of the addresses require overseas
mailing, do it via airmail for speed - and think of the power of
the program running internationally! There are no name lists, nor
other unseen expenses. Other than the two initial letters, this
program operates totally on-line.



You may be feeling that this program is not what you thought at
first, but still remain doubtful or a little unclear about whether
or not to have a go. Unlike so many other programs, you do not
send money to four or five people for reports, recipes, disks, or
any other product. Nor do you risk losing your time and money.
This program is less demanding and does not take advantage of the
naive. Effectively, we all become a team - we know that we must
follow the rules, that we all work together toward a common goal
and that our teamwork ensures that we all "win".

To compare this with the many uncontrolled programs:

First of all, this program has only four controlled, levels - not
five, six, seven, or more uncontrolled levels like other programs.
When you first send this program out, you will soon get 40-50
people who will send you US$5.00 to join the mailing list and to
commence their Phase 2. They will do this only AFTER they have
confirmed for themselves that you have paid your US$10.00, not

To account for "curiosity seekers" and people who don't recognize
the opportunity (not you, of course!)... let's say that only 20
people then actually pursue the program provided. These 20 people
then put your name in the Accountability List POSITION #1, and
their respondents will be asking YOU if they paid their US$5.00
dollars. Their active participants will then move your name to
from 20 x 20 x 20 people.

That's a total of 8,000 people. 8000 X US$5.00 = US$40,000!
Because this is done only on the Internet it moves very, very

Therefore, you only need 20 ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS who actually
promote this program to reach the target. You should
advertise/e-mail until twice that number of people (40-50) have
sent you the $5 and received Phase 2 from you via e-mail. At
this point, all you will have to do will be to answer the e-mails
saying: "Yes, I have been paid".

NOTE: Be sure to keep a record of those who have paid and added
to your mailing list, and respond very quickly to verification
requests via e-mail.

Remember that you may send this program to people who send you
"similar" programs. Many such people are keen and active users of
opportunities sent to them, and this one is safe, fast and simple.
It will not appeal to cheats, yet be great for anyone looking for
a VERY low cost, fun investment. Just keep sending as much e-mail
as you possibly can! You will be amazed with the responses you get
from the Web. The Internet is a powerful tool. But remember: we
are responsible to the "team". That means to everyone who
participates both before and after we become involved.



FIRST: Save this file as your PHASE 1 file, where you can edit the
changes (names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and position #'s).

SECOND: Get two US$5.00 bills and mail by post to the people listed
above in Positions 3 and 4, with a request to join the mailing list.
Note: This cost is your ONLY financial risk! ... your out-of-pocket
expenses are so small, you will recoup this within days!

THIRD: Update the names on the list carefully, as detailed above.
YOUR name, address and e-mail address comes in at Position #3
(where mine is now). You then wait for PHASE 2 to arrive in your
e-mail box from me. This will be sent the same day that your $5
arrives at my home address.




 Your name starts at Position #3 in Phase 1 - to all of the
  people you e-mail.
 You would aim to get about 40 responses, but more would be even
  more profitable!


 You will e-mail PHASE 2 out to each person who has sent you $5.
 You will be instructing your respondents to place your name in
 You will begin receiving inquiries from others asking if you
  have been paid your US$5.00.
 You will be keeping track of all those who have paid you.
 You won't be receiving much money at this stage (just the $5.00
  you received from each person in Phase 1, which will be from
  $200-$250 or so).


 Those people who have just inquired as to whether payment was
made to you, will be getting another 20 or more people to
participate, and your name will then be in POSITION #4. This is
when you will receive the BIG MONEY.


 Your name will be in Position #2, where you will again be
receiving inquiries, and you will be likely to answer at this
point "YES, I AM $40,000 RICHER".  Many will then participate
and make money also. Participation is ALL that we require for


... isn't this a brilliant business? We really have the best,
because we have created a foolproof and cheat-proof system, where
everybody has accountability. Your small investment of two US$5.00
bills will reward you with US$40,000 or more!

Once you decide that you are going participate, and you have
checked the accountability of me and sent your US$10.00 you will
then be ready to start preparing for Phase 2. Until you receive
Phase 2, I want you to start collecting URL's of all the free
classified web sites you can find. Why don't you start by checking
out http://everydaybusinessonline.com/adsites.htm for hundreds of
free classified web sites to extract your E-mails from? (I suggest
we don't all start at "A" and work through or we will all be
sending to the same people! Maybe use the initial of your name as
a starting point then we will all be using different sites.) If
you need any tips for finding addresses please email me and I will
send them to you.

Make a list of all the FREE Classified Web site addresses, where
the E-mail address of the person advertising is in front of you
in the advertisement. If it does NOT show you the E-mail address
and instead has a link to access their E-mail address, then do
not record that Classifieds URL.

You will use these URL's to feed your mail finder program,
(supplied with Phase 2) which will then it will extract hundreds
of e-mails from these sites. The more classifieds the better.
Once you find a free classified web site that has the E-mail
address showing, then click on your right mouse button, and click
on properties. Highlight the URL and copy it. Then paste it into
Notepad. (Don't save it into Microsoft Word as the 3 programs
supplied with Phase 2 only read from a text document, Notepad).
You should find Notepad by clicking on your start button,
programs, and then accessories.

You owe it to yourself to at least give this a try, even if you
only intend on treating it as 'another source of income' from
the Internet... no matter what your current situation may be at
this time, true success is all about building multiple streams of
income... and this is what this program excels in.

Once again, please e-mail me if you have any questions.

(REMEMBER: US$10.00 is a very small investment for what you will
get in return).

God Bless - and have fun with this!


Tristan Bertlow
PO Box 61
VIC 3192
Email: tbertlow_23@hotmail.com


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NOTE: This is a once only mailing and no request for removal
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sincere apologies.

If you still wish to be removed from my list, or you do not wish
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