Hi : 

First some good news: since we launched this year's asco-o Community 
Campaign last week, we have received $10,968 from 221 asco-os. Thanks 
to these contributors we won't have to shut down this month. However, we 
still urgently need your support to make it through the fiscal year. 

Times are tough--we just learned that another foundation that supported 
us last year won't be able to give us a grant this year. To compensate, 
we have cut the budget in almost every area. We have managed to reduce 
our projected expenses for the coming year by about $42,000--from 
$440,000 to about $398,000. 

Where does all that money go? Let me break it down for you. We'll spend 
$6,000 on administrative fees. Operating expenses--things like rent, 
phone, electricity, postage, web hosting and office supplies--add up to 
$122,000. Another $177,000 will go to salaries, health insurance, 
payroll taxes and other personnel costs for our employees. Last but not 
least, we'll pay $93,000 in professional fees, including the fees we pay 
to artists for commissions and writers for Net Art News. 

So we need to raise $398,000 in order to stay in business. Where will it 
come from? We are hoping to get $6,000 in matching corporate gifts (some 
companies match the gifts of their employees). Earned income from web 
hosting, online education, and subletting a portion of our office space 
will generate about $18,000. We'll receive about $36,000 in free 
services. From foundation and government grants we hope to receive 
$143,000. We also hope to raise $88,000 at a benefit dinner in February 
and $7,000 from our board of directors. 

That leaves $100,000 we need to raise from the community. 

Let's put this in perspective. If you are getting this message, you are 
one of 4523 asco-os who haven't made a gift yet. If each of you gave 
$5.27, we'd raise $100,000 and balance our budget. We'd be able to stop 
asking for money and focus on more important things like the next round 
of commissions and further improving the web site. 

How much is asco-o.com worth to you? Is it worth $5.27? We realize that 
some of you live in places where the US dollar is very strong and $5.27 
is a lot of money. But most of you can afford to give. When was the last 
time you bought a magazine or went to a museum? How much did that cost? 

Think about it. Then think about asco-o going out of business. Then 
click here: http://asco-o.com/support.