Dear asco-o, 

With profound interest and in utmost confidence, I am soliciting your immediate assistance or co-operation as to enable us round up an opportunity within my capability as a result of the death of one of our 
contractor (Beneficiary). You may be quite surprised at my sudden contact to you but do not despair, I got your contact from a business site on the internet and following the information I gathered about you, I was convinced that you could be of assistance to me. So,I decided to contact you at once due to the urgency required for us to immediately transfer the said funds out of the country. 

I am Dr. Jide Owolabi, Chief Auditor, Special Project and Foreign Contract Regularization and Disbursement, in the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation of Federal Republic of Nigeria. We work in hand with the Senate Committee on Foreign Contract Payment. Our duty is to ensure that all contractors are paid their contract sum in due time. 

This last payment quarter, a total of 30 contractors were short listed for payment and about 25 of them have been paid remaining about 5 (Five), information reaching this office indicates that one among the remaining has been reported dead. His name is Mr. 
Gerrand Schwartz from Sweden, he died in the last Air France Concorde plane crash. Meanwhile he finished the execution of his contract December 19th 1999. But since his death, nobody has come forward to put a 
claim to his contract fund which is about 
US$11,500,000.00 Million (Eleven Million Five 
Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars) that is why I need your immediate assistance to expedite the transfer of the contract amount. 

With my position as a Director in the Department of Contract Regularisation and Disbursement, I will regularize all the necessary documents and present your company as the bona-fide beneficiary of this fund 
in as much as you respond within 48 hours for 
respect of this important message. Your unreserved cooperation in this business is just what we require for a successful and hitch free transaction. Necessary measures to ensure a risk free and fool proof transaction and confidentiality has been taken. 

Kindly signify your interest by replying via my 
personal email address above. Upon receipt of your positive reply we shall discuss on (1) Basic Program for Operation (2) Financial Status as to ascertain your capability. Upon completion of this transaction I have decided to give you 30% of the total sum, 60% of the fund which is our share will be used for 
investment in your company or in any other company of our choice. While 10% has been mapped out to take care of any minor expenses incurred. Take note that this project will last for only 21 working days. 

You are to immediatelly send to me your phone/fax number for easy communication. 

I expect your response in time (within 48 hours) as time is of great essence in this transaction. You can as well reach me via "" as soon as you receive this message. 

God Bless and Kind Regards, 

Dr. Jide Owolabi