Tethered Balloon Radiometric Data

A cube with sensor all six sides measuring hemispherical radiation in 
all directions was suspended about 30 meters below a tethered 9m3 
balloon. The radiometer was produced and calibrated by the Norwegian 
Institute for Air research. Additional payload was a cloud particle 
videometer. Data from the videometer are submitted separately by 
Randy Borys of DRI. Due to cable failure, a short in the radiometer 
communication occurred that destroyed the data loggers ability to 
poll the radiometer. Due to this problem we have only 4 data files 
with good data, most containing one ascending and one descending 
profile. The data was collected between 09/14/1998 and 09/21/1998. 
The submitted files contains raw counts and have to be multiplied 
with the calibration factors given below to obtain engineering units 
which are mW/m^2. The calibration procedure is described in :

Dahlback, A. "Measurements of biologically effective UV doses, total 
ozone abundances, and cloud effects with multi-channel, moderate 
bandwidth filter instruments", Appl. Opt., vol. 35, 6514-6521, 1996.

Uncertainty is calculated to be 10%.
The sensor heading directions indicated in the file header are not 
absolute directions but relative to the other sensors.

Center wl.(nm)   Top          North        East
  500.9           5.597767e-3  4.757576e-3  3.849874e-3
  802.0           4.124353e-3  4.449633e-3  4.090312e-3

Center wl.(nm)   South        West         Bottom
  500.9           5.639296e-3  7.377252e-3  3.709928e-3
  802.0           4.847719e-3  4.610574e-3  4.133021e-3

More detailed information from the instrument logs will be made 
available on request. Please send questions regarding this system or 
the dataset to:

Rune Storvold
Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks
903 Koyukuk Dr.
P.O.Box 757320
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320
E-mail: Rune.Storvold@gi.alaska.edu
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