Gabriel Y2K
                                                  Angel T-shirts
                                                  For Sale

                                                  Front side of t-shirts show
                                                  Gabriel Angel.

                                                  Back side of shirt says Y2K
                                                  Compliant, 25 years of

                                                  Available in Khari and Forest
                                                  Green Colors.

hello D42k

it is the lunar new year as of 012401
 calculated by the changing phases of
the moon (if you celebrate holidays).

smile. go ahead.

                    .                 .

  .                                  +down

      Rezonanz d'erreur: tojours quand on parle.      ,

     -| Other kinds of failures in human-********           -
     -| activity can also be seen as failures on
     -| the level of thought..


        :0:_"knowing" more than represented             ^
        :1:_representing more than is "known"_______



        Both kinds of errors are attributable to a
        glitch in the formal-material relationship           )
        between                                           ~

                  a                                   t
                    n                              h
                      g                         g
                        u                    u
                          a               o
                            g          h
                              e     t

What is your name?

 > I do not regret knowing your name.
 > I do not regret knowing your name.

... .:.:~:. :.:~ .. .:  ~: