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as for us who small-sized meeting of the pure art Madre which is
organized to 1999 are not expressed you speak him with the Andreas
Broeckman of the Paris of this year end concerning also the syndicate
assembly which is organized. JB: When you obtain in the net, concerning
your history call to me a little? me you, have you who are before
liveliness known from 7-11? the Frederic Madre: I obtained with the net
of 92 or 93, I already was in the compuserve of small-numbered year. I
used terminal emulator with 300 baud which moved with black of text
interface completely to be green. I found Internet link for the email
with direction after, to the mailinglist of the American of the indie
stone reserved subscribed. When me posting to that list, first I have
remembered. I reacted him who writes the long text him explained those
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elaborate detail. You called my answering simply: It is, I agree.
Immediately, the rob vaughn sent the private email to admin me: If you
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