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macintosh code / audio / video / mind loop /
ohne instalation ? more.

sier. @ portugal.


macintosh ppc / fast machine is advisable
os 8.+
qt 4.+
ram 20mb.+

        > why ?
        > today is a beatifull date
        > whats with the attitude ?

        >    listening ...

        > > This is a permanent error; I've given up.
        > no.enought. never enought. error.error.error.error.
        > left. begin now.
        > quite a lovely experience.
        > all is wrong. all is wrong.
        > untrue. miscomplex. truthfull.

                doT capital / final.

	circunstantial evidence ?

      ohne image loop. ohne audio loop. ohne mind loop.
stages. progrez est inevitable.
no effects. no copymodes.
stages. progrez est inevitable.
errors catapult mind. errors provide missing link from mind to screen.

rephrasing god. 
stages. progrez est inevitable.
rebuilding acupuncture.

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matsuo bashô, ‘ os meus dias são viajantes da eternidade. ’
andrei tarkovsky, ‘... the infinite cannot be made into matter, but it is possible to create an illusion of the infinite in the image. ’

]] ] chaos in logarithmic expressions

time is discrete. each passing tick expresses self reconstruction for the human:
the individuals whole is reavaluated and rebuilt based on new data from the new
moment, and again it's rebuilt, and again, ad termination of life.
this violent recontextualization is the basis of evolution / growth / learning
process. cognition and awareness imposed in the time axis mass mutate the self
using cross synthesis of the already accumulated experience: images flow and mix
continually,  closer to our true self .

one can get short glimpses of finite possibilities in each passing moment. to explore
the image in all its horizontal / vertical orientation and depth and synthax and context
can lead to one major investigations of its own territory. like ancient explorers of unkown
lands, possibilities. finitude in one moment becomes infinitude out of the time axis. ranging
life out of time whould be interesting . . .

]] ] flow / balance of energy in the surrounding universe

e=mc2 is outdated. it cannot only be equal to the mass on the squared time / speed of light. 
energy momentum in time is continuall. energy flows in life forms, in unlife recipients,
discretly changing over time. what one looses is gained elsewhere directly. direct bursts
of energy from a life form are easily captured by the surrounding life forms.
is the emitted energy the  materialization of  images  ?

in a balanced equilibrium act as a filter to the energy. play around with it. feel it flow
from the tips of the toes to the hair extremities. feel life flowing through.

]] ] awarness restitution to the self

genericaly speaking, individuals live heavilly focused to their surroundings,
dependent on the social stability of its surroundings: institutions they work to,

play relantionships. interact with the drive-by actions as in a game, as it is not real,
as is not going to end.
there is an urgent need to regain the awarness, the enlightned vision of reality. this can
only be done in the self by the self, acknowloging the tinniest motion within and taking it
abstracted to the outside of time, regarding it as strange to the organism, even if it is
the organism itself. our double speaks alone. there is yet no way of continuall direct and full
control over the next iteration in thought.

there's a huge need for the individual human life form to redefine its definition of 
awarness. redefine its status and amplifie it. live within its center with full awarness
on every action in relation to the social tissue he is enclousered in. counciesness
provides the needed honesty one should have with himself, the needed honesty towards
a continuall strange environment one usually misfits to.

]] ] bio feedback / self propagation

we continually change either the world and / or ourselfs. we act as the milestones for
our personal beliefs and few are those who can penetrate your most personal mind activity.
though for each discrete time moment passed throught accompanied by its findings / thoughts
there is energy being used. its origin is the image, life's primal trigger and the correspondent 
strenght in which we believe it. that's what we try to communicate: ourselfs, as we are; 
literarly feeding on the energy conditions we are focused on.

the passing redefinition of images / thoughts can reach relatively high degrees on any scale, 
in fact, it is the scale we measure every single aspect of any event. the sole one we can take for granted, no ?
we feed on the exact substance we are made of: images. visual / auditory / tactive / scent / ...
when intercoursing with life, received images trigger zillions of other ones simultaneously that 
re-enter, re-triggering, self propagate themselfs ad infinitum. a perpetuall entalglement,
fondling the core; touching and feeling with the self.

]] ] endeless repetition of life cycles

mankind's history throughout all its' support media ranging from art to books and traces
of civilizations is begging to burden our minds. we must learn from it. we must see ourselfs
as units of a race condemned to the enclousure on a physical support deprived from the free
enbodying any life, deprived from flowing with the energy, not as mere containners / generators
for it. why are we not ourselfs ? why do you not accept our limitless limitations ? why do we
not see the our private images as common ground acessible to anyone that is able to experience it ?

]] ] authorship / copyright

not so long ago, these words had no meaning. works of so called art where accepted as they were: 
a separate reality from its creator. their worthly gainned freedom provided the liberty they earned,
enabling anyone ( i repeat anyone ) the chance of contemplating outside any social context.
the works become separate entities, living individuals that have no beggining nor end.
god did not sign us.
authorship and copyright are human inventions so that possesions is established and economic and social
relationship can become fruitfull for the creator and the audience. this is called explotation. this is
granting a virtual imagined value to something that can never be quantized in such a way.

]] ] synthax / language / context

when are we going to be deprived from languages that are not a faithfull container
to ones' images ? when will we communicate directly using no medium other than the
true things we see ? a single word is discrete. phrases become no more than logical successions
of words, logical approaches to fragments of the image, fragments that when analysed
loose some of the parts of the whole.
pure communication. . .

sier, 06.00