hi, just wanted to make this thing a little comfortable, sometimes i feel 
like this gets a little cold, and i just want to say hello to all over the 
world, i'm currently in monterrey(mexico), i am in love, and today i felt a 
little dissapointed.  I don't know why, i just arrived from her house(my 
girlfriend), i spent since thursday the whole day with her(today is sunday 
night), i can't believe that this is happening, but while saying bye, i 
wanted a kiss, something, but it was just a "bye".

  Since saturday it has been a rainy day, we went out, played cards, heard 
music, helped her a little with some class problems, cooked, saw movies, 
spent the whole day with her. today we ate with her sister and her husband.

After the sad "bye", i walked, confusion filling my head, i started to think 
that i don't love her, thinking, feeling dissapointed, i don't know exactly 
why, but i wanted to scream that i love her and wanted(NEED) to hear her say 

.....as i am writing this, a moment ago i fell, the streets filled with water, 
rainy, cold, i was so filled with rage that while walking i stumbled, and 
everything looked so fucked up that i stood there, don't knowing what to do. 
  my legs, my hands, everything.  it hurts.

well, maybe i'll feel a little better later.


hasta luego, gracias(later, thanks): asco-o, a-admin, eve-eryone

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