asco-o wrote:
> yo, my return is strong, while you ovea there, on my bong ,ill smash you fastta then hong kong fue,
> you all try to by me, sell me like a car from due' ford, all wrap you up in my cord, attack you with my sword, cause i belong in a war, im no rapper, im a crazy freestylin crackea, takin your crappea, behinda my backea, who stops your propagnda,?the hot block commandea, that steve sanda, while all you bitches are in poverty, and weak, in here in superm soveighety, all of you hipockrese, iz curropting my democrosea,
> buzz buzz,here comes my bee, gunna sting for the bling bling, and my cha ching.
> Cha ching, pay day, now you fuckers are comeing back for me,trying to get some of dough, only my hoe is getting my dolleas, i anit no fake ballea, your just a snake caues you dont know me
> i'm 6'3 with a gold tee nuthin in the world is for free so dont you see im not easy--er then you are, , you been take, throw, trashed, by those fake rymes, just take a set let me explain on more thing,  im derranged, im crazy, more, then j-zee nigga please, get on your knees and bow dow- only stand  stronge for mum'ea
>             a           a                a
>             s           s              s s
>     s       c      m    c c            u c      f
> |;|
>     a       -      i    - a              -      w
>     m       o      l    o t              o
>             .           .                .
>             c           n                o
>             o           e                r
>             m           t                g