Tops: (brand/ type/color/etc)

Abercrombie/ heavy long sleeve t-shirt/navy blue/cotton/yellow zipper pocket on right chest

Gap /tight long sleeve sweater/navy blue with grey vertical stripe across middle

Abercrombie/ light fuzzy sweater/ grey

Abercrombie/ t-shirt/purple with faded "Abercrombie 44" in yellow/mock football jersey

Gap/ tight buttonless polo/ sky blue

Banana Republic/ tight ribbed t-shirt/ olive green

Gap/ tight stretchy t-shirt/ baby blue with small blue stripe across middle, black, white

Gap/ pocketed t-shirt/ navy blue/ size medium

Maple Skateboards/ button-up polo/ blue plaid

Paul Frank/ t-shirt/ grey/ wire-frame turntable picture

Paul Frank/ t-shirt/navy blue/ wire-frame cartridge picture

Paul Frank/ t-shirt/black/ NY-esque subway direction sign that says "Vinyl DJ"

Gap/ sweater/ grey

Banana Republic/ tight 3-button polo/ navy blue

Banana Republic/ tight long sleeve cotton shirt/ very light blue

Alien Workshop/ t-shirt/black/ white screen printed t-shirt with alien imagry

BDg/ long sleeve heavy t-shirt/ grey with vertical orange stripes/ baggy

NY based/ long sleeve silk shirt with pocket on sleeve/ maroon/ very soft

Banana Republic/ tight t-shirt/orange/ very soft

Abercrombie/ t-shirt/ orange with white text "Abercrombie & Fitch"

BDg/ tight thermal long sleeve t-shirt/orange/ very thin material

Pants: (brand/ color-style/etc)

American Eagle/ denim blue jeans/ big holes in seat, knee, crotch

American Eagle/ khaki snowboard pants/ lots of pockets, bottom half of pants zip off to make shorts/ waterproof

Gap/ khaki microfiber cargo pants/ waterproof

Gap/ grey demim pants

Standard/ grey karate pants/ drawstring at waist

Structure/ navy blue brushed denim jeans/ soft

Levi's/ grey brushed cotton denim looking material/ tight

Gap/ grey microfiber pants/ vertical pockets on pants

Adidas/ Orange vinyl pants with white stripes

Adidas/ White polyester pants with orange stripes/ heavy

Shoes: (brand/description/laces)

Diesel/ brown suede with black and red rubber sole/ velcro

Adidas/ White with shiny navy blue stripes/ 3/4" navy blue laces, wrapped around tongue, ends hidden

Adidas/ White with shiny sky blue stripes/  3/4" sky blue laces, wrapped around tongue, ends hidden

Adidas/ White with orange stripes/  3/4" orange laces, wrapped around tongue, ends hidden

Gap/ orange flip flips

Adidas/ Black sandles white text

Etnies/ Blue suade with Red "E" on side/  1/4" white laces, wrapped around tongue, ends hidden 

E's/ Grey suade with red shoelace eyelets and red strip of material along back/ no laces