Hello asco-o,

Friday, October 27, 2000, 2:04:50 AM, you wrote:

ao>   h  E l l0!!!!===============================
ao> iM rUBEN 

ao>                  Id like to know much more about us !

ao> ****************Who are  you?
ao> What are your aim?***********
ao> ............Id like to colaborate with us.............

ao> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<bye>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ao> =====

ao> _______________________________________________________________
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ao> Consiga gratis su direccin @yahoo.es en http://correo.yahoo.es

ao>             a           a                a          
ao>             s           s              s s          
ao>     s       c      m    c c            u c      f   
ao> |http://www.o-o.lt/asco-o;http://www.d2b.org/asco-o|
ao>     a       -      i    - a              -      w   
ao>     m       o      l    o t              o          
ao>             .           .                .          
ao>             c           n                o          
ao>             o           e                r          
ao>             m           t                g          

    I`m hacker from Russia....
And Who are you ?      ??!!!   

Best regards,
 Ice                            mailto:ice-net@beep.ru