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                             Jim's Wife
It was summertime and after dinner Jim and Karen went to a dance club for a
drink and a little flirtatious fun. She was slightly uncomfortable in the
short silky dress, she thought it was too short to wear in public, but Jim 
convinced her to wear it and told her that a bra would look funny under the
spaghetti straps. As they had their drink and dance, Bob watched them from 
bar. Eventually he came over and asked her to dance. Jim smiled at her as if
he was daring her and she excepted the dare and walked to the dance floor.

She danced stiffly at first, slightly embarrassed that her dress seemed to
have a life of it's own and was now only a little below her panties. A slow
dance started and Bob held her hand as she started to go back to the table.
Jim nodded his approval when she looked over at him. She looked back at Bob 
if making a resolve and then put her hands on his shoulder and Bob placed 
hands on her hips. She told him she that she was a teacher and he told her 
was the sexiest teacher he had ever seen. She seemed to relax a little and
pulled a little closer. " The first thing I noticed about you was the way 
nipples pushed against your dress." She stiffened, then relaxed and smiled 
said, "Most gentleman wouldn't notice." "I'm not a gentleman." She laughed 
pulled closer, noticing for the first time that he was aroused. She pulled
away, looked at Jim, then looked at Bob and smiled mischievously.

A second song started and she asked if we could keep dancing. She was having
fun. Bob asked about her husband. "He'll be fine, he thinks I am too shy to 
sexy with other men." "What do you think?" "I think you enjoy dancing with
me." She moved closer and as his hands moved to her bottom she started to 
against his aroused cock. As the song slowed down her feet stopped moving 
she pulled closer and he could feel her rub her front against him. He told 
she had a wonderful bottom and that he enjoyed rubbing it, but it would feel
even nicer with out the panties. The song ended and they went back to the

Jim yawned and said it was getting late. Karen told him that she was having
fun and didn't want to leave. Her husband gave in and compromised by 
to invite Bob to their house for a drink. They all seemed happy with the
compromise. She went to the bathroom and when she returned she asked her
husband if she could dance one more dance while he paid the tab. As she took
Bob's hand she said she had a surprise. She took his hand and as they stood
close together and she placed it between them, and with only a little effort
raised her dress and placed his hand on a very bare and very wet pussy. 
do you think now." "I think you are full of surprises."

When Jim returned she convinced him to drive ahead and let her ride with her
new friend. She also said that she wanted to dance a little more before she
went home. He looked at her and told her she could do whatever she wanted.
"Are you sure?"

They took a booth off to the side and ordered more drinks. "You know I have
never done this before. I feel really wicked. My husband tries to get me to 
with out a bra and panties, but until now I never felt comfortable. Maybe 
the drinks. I like the attention but you know we can't do anything more than
flirt?" Bob placed his hand on her thigh and leaned forward to kiss her. "I
know. We can just tease a little." With that he moved his hand the remaining
few inches up her leg and felt the warmth and then the softness of the hair
and then the moistness of a very excited pussy. She slumped forward a little
and raised her hips in a slow circular motion to meet his fingers. As they
stopped kissing she opened her eyes and looked around then placed her hand 
his again. Her left hand reached for his thigh and the hard cock that now 
reached its maximum 7 1/2 inches. "I like teasing" she said.

As his hand wandered over her pussy his fingers slid between the lips and 
heat of her body seemed centered in the depth of her cunt. Karen shivered 
quickly sat up right. Bob's fingers make a squishy sound as they come out of
her. "I've got to go. Take me home now, please." She straightened her dress
and stood up. "That was a mistake, I'm married. Married women don't get felt
up in clubs." He let her talk and as she talked he took her hand and led her
to his car. "Your husband's waiting for us."

They drove in silence. She crossed her arms over her chest, not in anger but
to cover her breasts or more specifically her nipples. "I live in
Libertyville, take the next exit." And then more silence. As they neared her
home she gave directions in short sentences and stared straight ahead at the
road, like a deer in the headlights. "Turn there. That's Jim's car, pull up 
him." Karen opened the door quickly and said goodnight to him. "Let me walk
you in. Jim is waiting."

When she opened the door the house was dark. "Jim must have gone to bed. 
be fine."

"Can I come in?" He asked.

"I don't think that would be a good idea after what happened." She closed 
door any way and stood silent. After a few moments she looked up. "You can
kiss me goodnight, perhaps. You didn't kiss me at the club."

Bob liked the quiet invitation. She turned her back to the door, leaning
against it as they kissed. His hands slipped around her waist and then 
to her hips. It was a school girl's kiss soft and questioning. They kissed
again. Then there was silence.

"I'm married, you know"

"Yes, I met your husband. He wants us to do this."

"I can't. It's too hard" Then she giggled at the joke and reached her hand
down to cup his cock. She put her head on his shoulder and seemed to relax. 
raised her hand and kissed her again. Slowly their tongues explored each
other's mouths; the way new lovers kiss when they are ready to progress to 
next step of their relationship. His hands slipped down to the curves of her
bottom and as he looked her in the eye he leaned her against the door and 
down her body. As he knelt his hands pushed her dress up until he could see
what her panties had once covered. He wondered briefly where she had left
them. At first she had tried to pull away and then she sighed, apparently
resigned to the inevitable assault on her cunt. There was a slight muskiness
to the taste. He reached forward and pulled her against his mouth. She
shivered again, but not from fear this time.

There was a light on in the next room giving a soft glow to the wonderful
person above him. He loved the taste. There was no flowery perfume, only the
natural taste of a beautiful women who had danced until she became aroused.
His tongue now went where only his fingers had been before. Karen did not 
as his tongue drew her moist excitement into his mouth. Her hands that were
before hanging by her side, she now placed on his head and she pushed him 
from her cunt. He moved away, he respected her feelings. Her dress fell back
into place as he stood. She kissed him softly and her tongue tasted of the
same muskiness.

"You can stay for awhile. Jim wanted you to come over."

They moved in the direction of the couch. As she sat down she reached for 
belt and took it off.

"I want to see it." Then the zipper being lowered was the only sound in the
room as she loosens his pants and pulled them down. Bob's briefs were
seriously extended. "Did I do that?" She seemed relaxed and comfortable she
smiled up at him and then pulled his shorts down.

"Oh my god, it's wonderful. How long is it? Jim's is over 6."

"It's 7 , but I bet you could make it nine." She placed one hand on it
gently. Lifting slightly and pulling it towards her. He knew what was coming
and so did Karen. She leaned forward and touched the expanding tip with her
lips. His cock jumped at the touch and she laughed.

"So this is what was poking me as we danced. You should be ashamed to treat 
lady like that. You could have hurt me." Karen now placed the first inch
between her lips and started to suck. Bob asked her to suck more. He was
beyond the point of control; he wanted to fuck her mouth. She wanted to 
She adjusted the angle and another two inches disappeared between those two
wonderful sucking lips. "More."  And then another inch went in. She choked a
little then looked up at him and started to move back and forth taking most 
it into her mouth.

"You're wonderful. I can't take much more. Do you want me to cum in your 
or do you want to fuck?"

"I'm in no hurry. Let's see what happens" She put my cock back in her mouth
and sped up the sucking motion as her hand cradled his balls. When she felt
the first reflex action she slowed down and took his cock out of her mouth 
smiled again. God, he loved that innocent baby face and smile that had just
been sucking on his cock. She was beautiful and childlike.

"Take my dress off." Some how this shy schoolgirl and docile wife had taken
control of the moment. "If Jim wants other men to see me, then take a look."
Her dress was easy to remove, just one upward tug. She was now naked on the
couch; her knees were together, her face was turned toward him and her 
were very extended both from the rush of air and from her arousal. She sat
like a princess for a moment, and he was waiting for the next surprise.

In the doorway Bob he saw some kind of motion. Maybe her husband was awake. 
tried to make out the shadows to see a shape or something. Then he saw Jim. 
waited for a response. Was he going to rush angrily in to the room? Why was 
just standing?

Karen took Bob's hands and placed them on her breasts. For the moment the
shadows in the hallway were forgotten.

" I love your nipples they're magnificent." He said as he cupped. They
hardened more. He wanted to kiss them.

"I know, you stared at them all night. I like them kissed. I mean really

He had her stand and softly kissed them through her dress. She braced 
as he started to lift the hem upward. He lowered his eyes to stare at her
pussy as it came into view. The hair was matted where it covered the slit, 
around it, it stood full and wonderful. Then the hips came into view, 
and inviting, pointing downward towards her cunt. Then the roundness of the
belly was displayed, muscular and soft, the holder of motherhood, and the
altar of Venus. Her ribcage was clearly visible under the raised dress
expanding rapidly with her breath and the excitement of the moment. As he
raised her dress the next few inches he saw them and bent forward. She must
have been uncomfortable in that position, but she wanted what was about to
happen. he wanted it too. At first he put just his lips around her left
nipple, the one above the heart. The hardness of the nipple was pressed into
the softness of the breast. His hands held her dress as they pressed into 

He barely heard the words "Harder. Please kiss them harder" She placed her
hands behind his head and pulled him towards her. His mouth filled with her
breast took actions on its own. She liked the actions. And then the words
again, "Harder" His teeth felt the flesh around her breasts and yet she 
him tighter. His tongue explored the different textures of her breasts, 
the smoothness of her babylike skin and then the hardness of a women's 
His left hand slipped from her back to the roundness of her bottom as his
mouth continued to suck on her breast. Then he moved it to her pussy; he
wanted to feel the matted hair and the wetness of her opening. A finger 
slipped inside and she shuddered, then sighed, then she said "Thanks. That 
nice. I'm surprised I came so easily with you."

They stood for a moment. Her dress raised above her breasts. She took his 
and kissed the fingers that had so recently delved into her most personal
realm. Then that look again, innocent despite the events. There was a slight
question in her eyes and a little fear in her lips. "Jim wanted me to do 
He's the one that invited you." Bob continued to lift her dress past her 
past the eyes and over the head. She pulled her elbows down and her hands up
to her shoulders. Partly out of a chill and partly out of modesty.

Bob had forgotten about the shadow during Karen's orgasm. His mind was on 
cumming and on his immediate future. Somehow they kissed then glided to the
couch. She reached out and started unbuttoning his shirt. He was impatient 
also fearful that the mood would change. God, she looked beautiful, fully 
and unselfconscious. The shirt was off. Then he stood as she pulled the 
and the shorts down in one slow motion. Then they were both naked and rather
innocent, two lovers on a secret tryst.

"You've got to wear something."

At first he didn't understand, but then he realized she wanted him to wear a
condom. "I don't have one," he said. " I've never worn one. My wife doesn't
like them." There was the silence again. He was prepared to give up the 
of the night long game. Karen surprised him again. "I'll get one of Bob's 
the bedroom." Then he remembered the shadow, but it was too late. Karen was 
in a moment a naked dancer in a silent ballet headed for the bedroom.

Bob heard whispered words coming from the hallway. She was talking to Jim.
Only partial words came as far as the living room. "You said that I " "I'm
surprised that you " "I want to fuck " "Please " Silence for an eternity.
Then someone on turned the light.

"Hi, Karen said you were here. I came home and fell asleep, sorry I wasn't
awake when you all got home." He walked into the room with Karen wonderfully
naked beside him shyly holding her head down. Jim was not to be daunted, 
where do we go from here."

"He's not upset," Karen whispered, "I told you he wanted me to do this." Bob
was not so sure of the situation and clutched his shirt over his lengthening
cock. "Would you still like to make love to me." His cock twitched and grew
even longer. "You would have to wear a condom."  She sat down on the couch
next to Bob and Jim sat facing them. Jim knew what was going to happen next;
somehow they got through the uncomfortable dialogue. Jim turned on the 
and sat on the other side of Karen.

"She like to have her nipples rubbed gently" Then her husband raised his 
to cup a breast and nodded at Bob to do the same. Karen sat perfectly still,
at first. "She likes to have them kissed." They both leaned forward at the
same time. Karen was not so still. As Bob continued to kiss and suck, her
husband stopped and sat up pulling Karen to the couch and placing her on her
back. Finally Bob had to break contact as she reclined and he was stretching
out over her. She reached up and pulled him down to her. Her right leg bent
upward and nestled against the back of the couch, while her left leg hung
slightly over the edge. Bob's lips went from her breast to her mouth and as
his tongue searched for an opening his cock did the same thing. Her husband
knelt on the floor beside them and as Bob kissed her lips he kissed her
nipples. Bob's cock was very harden and was kissing a very different pair of

"You're wet and I love it."

"Put it in." Karen said in a soft whispering voice. Bob could barely hear 

"She said, put it in." Then her husband returned to biting on her left 

His cock needed no further invitation. Once the acknowledging touch had 
the first 4" slid in easily. She was warm and very wet. The matted hair
tickled the side of his thrusting cock as it slid in and out. Her hips at
first still started to move against the thrusting and her right hand went to
Jim's head pulling him closer. Karen and Bob kissed as if they would not 
another chance. Her left hand eased between their bodies and came to rest
against his cock where it was entering her cunt. The next two inches went
easily in and she took her leg that was against the couch and wrapped it 
his ass and pulled him down deeper and deeper. From here there were only
uncharted depths and she knew it. Her pushing slowed and her breathing
deepened. Bob raised his head to watch. They moved in slow motion as her
husband stood and undressed. Jim's hand replaced his lips on her breast and
his cock pushed against her lips. She didn't seem to notice as the last of
Bob's cock plumbed the depth of her stretched pussy. She had not noticed the
thickness before, but now the depth and width filled her like never before.
After pausing the thrusting began again. She stared down over her hardened
nipples and watched the motion of their bodies, mesmerized by the 
of friction, fullness, and depth. She looked up at Bob and kissed him, then
turned and swallowed her husband's cock in its entirety.

They fucked together, one in her cunt and one in her mouth. Her nipples were
so hard they almost hurt rubbing across Bob's chest. Her husband was first.
Bob first heard him moan and then he heard her swallow. Jim pulled back and
the second spurt caught her by surprise. It ran from her raised cheek down 
her upper lip. She stopped fucking. Her tongue reached up and took the semen
into her mouth. Jim leaned forward and kissed her. Bob was not through nor 

She took her free hand and wiped her face and whispered to Jim. Bob didn't
hear her. She lifted her head and looked down her body towards their 
organs. She kissed Bob once and then said more loudly, "Fuck my cunt." This
was a long way from the schoolgirl who had only an hour ago shyly invited a
stranger into her home. Her husband moved back to the chair to watch. Both 
legs wrapped around Bob's back and she started to fuck. She had cum once 
he knew about, maybe twice or more, but now she fucked as if it were the 
time. Bob forgot that her husband was there. Hell, he forgot the world

His mind and his cock were focused on the same thing, fucking Karen. He felt
it swell up and so did she. "Cum in me, please!"  She was neither quiet nor
shy. "Cum in my cunt. Make me cum. Fuck my cunt now. Fuck me harder. Put it 
deeper." Her head came off the couch and her legs wrapped around him and
pulled him deeper. She had all 7  inches deep in her now. There was only 
thing left to give her and she felt it cumming. "Yes. Yes. That's it. Give 
all of it." Bob came deep and long in massive torrents. "Don't move. Leave 
in. Ohhhh, I'm cumming too." Then they were done.

Bob felt her husband's hand on his shoulder. He was startled by the contact.
His heart was still beating from the fuck. Karen looked at her husband as 
a wife can look at a husband. Confused, Bob withdrew his cock from her. The
semen immediately came to the surface and mingled with the matted hair. Bob
stood and moved to the chair where her husband had been sitting. Jim took
Bob's place and as Bob had once penetrated the perfect pussy with his cock,
her husband penetrated her with his tongue. For what seemed like hours, but
was only minutes, he lapped at her freshly fucked opening. Karen seemed at
peace as she stretched out her hand to Bob and invited him closer.

"I love it," she said. Her hand reached towards Bob's cock and pulled it
towards her lips. The circle was complete. Her husband was kissing her cunt,
while she cleaned off her lovers cock. They staid like that until they were
both clean.

She stood up comfortable both with her naked body and her two lovers. "Would
you men like something to drink before we start again?" Then she headed for
the kitchen confident, satisfied, and naked.

The End

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