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__________Ailleurs sur le web)))__________

With one or the other of these addresses you will accèderez with the pleasures
byzantins of ASCII art or how to make images with its keyboard. ASCII coding
is a very old system which lists a certain number of characters (letters of the
alphabet, figures plus some other punctuation marks, etc) and allots a
corresponding numerical value to them, with an aim of standardizing the
operation of the computers. The sites ' asco-o' present a gallery of images
carried out with these characters, that goes Japanese pinup to grooved messages
in which the meaning of the words generally does not have interest but where it is
necessary to stick to the form. In complement one can be registered with a
mailing list attended very well by which one receives (or sends) a daily batch of
images in the form of anonymous malls, asco-o it is the beauty of the gesture
above all. 

*translated with babelfish