ASCII-art and Javascript ASCII-animation by llizard aka ejm--> ejm's aaworks
hybase searcher results---->ascii art in the wordsbase
ascii art ensemble - java player--->movie w/ javaapplet
ascii art ensemble--->movie w/ javascript>ultralarge asciifile
LinX3D Konsum ArtServer-->3rdweb multiuser game on ASCII loginfiles 
datavatars>lots of characters

Der ASCII-Zeichensatz
ASCII Character Set
A tutorial on character code issues--->tutorial on code issues ascii / 
unicode etc.

History of ASCII Art
Alt.Ascii-Art FAQ

AA-project homepage---->aaflip flic-ascii-player
Broadcast 2000--> video editing on linux
ttyvideo-->real-time video on your tty/xterm
ASCII Images!-->image2ascii w/ perl
BigHEXE - der Internet Blumenversandservice-->send ascii flowers
-=oO[ WebFlip ]Oo=--->twist & twirlyour ascii piece
Figlet Server---->create banners/signatures
FIGlet---->program for making large letters out of ordinary text

#aalibraries (just some of ...)
Paul's Ascii Art Archive
:joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery:
ASCII ART Dictionary (Andreas Freise)
The Great Ascii Art Library - ASCII Art Collection

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