how does one and one become one? two net.entities
                 roaming around through the wires unexpectedly connect
                 in a place that turns out to be hell in so many ways.
                 communicating in the only way they can, through
                 visions, transmitting emotions through the files. a
                 stream of electricity carrying bits back and forth.
                 an ongoing dialog which forms a bond between them. a
                 two way river becomes an ocean flowing through the
                 an ocean of desire, an ocean of lust, an ocean of
                 selfishness. reciprocal to the point of ecstasy.
                 recognizing the other as the one they were looking
                 for. all they've known, all they've done, all they've
                 felt, was leading to this. two bodies in the network:
                 longing, desiring, missing, caressed in the code,
                 hurt by the sharp edges of pixels, floating on dhtml.
                 desparation, deprivation, ecstasy. skin, on skin, on
                 skinonskinonskin is an ongoing experience. it's is
                 happening, changing, taking new directions as you read this.
                 this is the begining of a new adventure, frozen in time.
                 there will be more like these in the future. this ecstatic
                 exchange continues...
                 if ( 1 + 1 == 1 ) { e8z = true; };