Greetings 45 subscribers

Thanks for allowing your site 'asco-o' at to
take part in our web specific art arena 'net-art00' at

We will be counting up votes for net-art00 at the end of the year, so if
you want to make some last nominations, either more projects of your own
(max three per artists or group) or something by somebody else you feel
has got overlooked - nomination form is at as ever. Also now is time to get your
own dislikes and likes of other projects logged if you haven't done so

We want to emphasise that is not intended to be about winning
this vote. It is conceived simply as a way to gather some elementary
record of what people felt about a range of web specific art projects made
in a particular year (beyond relying on those who are moved to make
comments). So we would ask very strongly that you don't encourage friends
and admirers to swoop in and out of giving your own site(s)
ten out of ten without visiting other projects etc

Unfortunately at 'net-art99', it has now become apparent that the sites
that were recorded as first and third most popular did benefit
significantly from getting top scores from a small group of people
visiting over a three day period just to register their
support for those sites. Although that result will not be changed it will
now be annotated to indicate this (apologies to all for not picking this
up earlier). In future sites that benefit from patterns of voting that
show a timing or geographical cluster of voting indicative of having
partisan and/or organized support will be eliminated. Please let you work
'speak for itself'.

Next year we will be reviewing the existing format, this year's list of
nominations is the longest yet, and we may have to consider some process
of elmination or 'heats' since maybe the listing becomes too unwieldly for
the visitor to (any comments?). We hope to launch 'net-art01'
from the two week Barcelona street festival, Festival Gracia, in August
'01, with display of work from top practicioners - all welcome. The
possibility exists that the creator(s) of the most popular site of '01
will get to visit that city for that festival the following year.

have a good one

andy forbes

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